I&A mission and vision

Our mission is to serve patients, present and future, by enabling, improving, and transforming DFCI research, patient care, and operations through excellence in informatics and analytics.

We are working toward a future in which DFCI is a rapid-learning health system, enabled by an efficient, sustainable informatics and analytics ecosystem that supports and grows DFCI research, clinical, and business missions. We provide data and technical services throughout DFCI, including basic research, translational research, clinical trials and research administration, clinical practice, and business and clinical operations. We do so in collaboration with many groups, including the knowledge systems and research groups in the cBio Center, Information Services, Population Sciences, and other partners in research, clinical, and operations areas.

I&A groups

Related DFCI Core Facilities include: 
•  Molecular Biology Core Facilities
•  Health Communication Core, Survey and Data Management Core, and Clinical Data Curation Core, within the McGraw/Patterson Center for Population Sciences
•  Biostatistics Core within the Department of Data Sciences