Technical Support

Code42 (CrashPlan)

Desktop & laptop backups

Users: Basic researchers

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: Research Computing Infrastructure request form

Code42, previously known as CrashPlan, is a backup software solution provided by Research Computing Infrastructure for the protection of desktop and laptop computers. It allows you to protect your local machine's files on network storage for safekeeping. 
Please note that we don't consider local external storage media solutions like TimeMachine to be sufficient as a backup solution for research data. While local external storage solutions can be useful, they can and do fail.

Computer purchases

Support for PC and Mac purchases

Institutions: DFCI

If you are a lab member, please contact your department manager or administrator to request additional computers.

Partners PCs - "Standard Builds": Please review the workstation standards page to see what will be suitable for your needs. Follow these instructions for ordering

Non-Partners PCs: Contact information: 

Note: All computers connecting to the DFCI network must be encrypted. Please view our encryption information to learn how to request this service.

Printers: purchasing information is located here.  

Cables, Mice, keyboards purchasing info may be requested from email:


Antivirus application

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: CrowdStrike guide

Crowdstrike software is required on Macs in order to connect to the Partners network. It compliments other antivirus software and is an industry standard for stopping viruses. You can install it yourself by opening the Self Service app in your Mac's application folder and clicking the Crowdstrike Install button. Further instructions here.
Note: PEAS enrollment required.

Data storage

Users: Basic researchers

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: Research Computing Infrastructure request form

Research Computing Storage Management (RCSM)
Storage service which manages the lifecycle and archival of data. RCS Wiki: Research Storage

Email web access

Outlook on the web

Access and support: Access Outlook on the web

You can check your email anytime via Outlook on the web. At the first screen, use your email address and at the second screen where it says Access Office 365, enter your Partners username and email password. 

Encrypted USB flash drive

DFCI approved encrypted flash drive

Users: Basic researchers

Dana-Farber encryption policy requires anyone using a flash drive (thumb drive) to use a hardware encrypted flash drive.
Kingston 32GB DataTraveler Vault Privacy 3.0 Flash Drive is one of the approved encrypted USB flash drives available from PC Connection. 
Contact Beth Gosselin to order. 


PC and Mac encryption

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: IS Service Hub instructions

DFCI requires that all devices used for any DFCI business to be encrypted. If you have purchased a computer through DFCI purchasing, encryption is part of the acquisition process, and you don't need to do anything further. However, if you are using a device for business that has not gone through DFCI's purchasing process, please contact the IS Service Desk and note in the request: "DFCI ResearchEncryption Request."
When we receive a new laptop (purchased with DFCI funding), we install a STOP tag and a Warning sticker. These allow us to identify a device if it is lost or stolen.
Mac users have the ability to encrypt automatically by installing the PEAS Self Service software. Read about it here.

Epic access

Access information for Epic

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: Partners eCare/Epic
  • Partners PC:
    • Partners Network or VPN connection:
      • Click on Windows Start Menu Programs, All Programs, Workspace Favorites Folders, then select EPIC -or-
      • Use My Citrix / Workspace Apps: link on the Partners Applications menu, launch Epic Hyperspace
    • Off Network (no VPN):
  • Macs and non-Partners PCs:
    • Partners Network or VPN connection:
      • Launch the Citrix Workspace app
    • Off Network (no VPN):
      • Use Firefox or Chrome to access Partners Workspace. Detailed instructions can be found here. -or- 
      • Launch the Citrix Workspace app using VPN first, and then modify the Citrix Workspace app for future use: In Citrix Workspace Preferences, Accounts, add
    • Note: Mac users are unable to print reports
  • iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch): enroll in MobileIron to access Partners email, and other Partners resources.
    • If you use an iPad to access Epic, but have trouble after log in, you need to contact the IS Service Desk and ask for the Haiku/Canto team.

If you have trouble connecting to Epic, first make sure your Citrix Receiver software is up to date. Do not upgrade to the latest version of Citrix if you are using a Partners PC. After installing Citrix on Windows 10, check the default app to handle .ica file extensions is Citrix Connection Manager, detailed instructions here.

File sharing

Partners & DFCI provide a number of file sharing tools

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: IS Service Hub instructions

Further information on each tool can be found on the linked pages:

Freezer Alarm CAMS access

The Critical Alarm Monitoring System (CAMS) monitors the temperature of -20°C, -80°C, and liquid nitrogen freezers at Dana-Farber and its satellite sites

Users: Basic researchers

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: DFCI CAMS

Access CAMS outside of DFCI Network
Access CAMS inside DFCI Network

Connect or remove your freezer to CAMS
When you purchase a new freezer, you need to connect your freezer to the CAMS, When you move your freezer, or disconnect your freezer, you need first to remove your freezer from CAMS. To do so, you need to create a work order request using AWARE. Use the AWARE to submit requests for

  • CAMS installation for new freezers.
  • Temporarily remove a freezer from CAMS when defrosting, or moving.
  • Update CAMS Responder information.
  • Any other non emergency requests for the CAMS Administrator.

Google accounts

DFCI Google apps domain

Users: Basic researchers, Clinical researchers

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: Research Computing Infrastructure request form

To request a Google email account (Gmail), please complete the request form and request a Google apps account. The email address will be <firstname_lastname>
If two-factor authentication (2FA) is needed, include it in the request. RCS Wiki: cloud account information

Google Vertex AI Platform

Cloud-hosted solution to leverage storage and processing that can quickly scale to need

Users: Basic researchers, Clinical researchers

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: Renato Umeton


Users: Analytics users, Basic researchers, Belfer Office for Dana-Farber Innovations (BODFI), Budget office, Clinical researchers, Clinical trial administration, Office of General Council, Pharmacy, Research administrators, Research staff

Institutions: DFCI

GPT4DFCI, a private, secure, HIPAA-compliant generative AI tool based on GPT-4, is now available to Dana-Farber workforce members to try out for work purposes, excluding clinical care.

To request access:

  1. If working remotely, be sure you're connected to VPN.
  2. Visit the Informatics & Analytics GPT4DFCI sign-up page.
  3. Log in with your MGB username and password.
  4. Complete and submit the ticket.
  5. Once your access is granted, visit 

Please review Dana-Farber’s new policy on acceptable use of generative AI. Workforce members are required to use generative AI systems in a manner that maintains the protection of protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), and other confidential information. It also must be used in a manner that maintains the integrity required for scientific analysis as well as generation of scientific content such as text, images, graphics, and figures.

Please remember, publicly available AI tools can pose significant privacy and security risks. For this reason, only Dana-Farber-approved AI tools can be used for work purposes.

Do you want to discuss an idea for a custom GPT? Would you like API access? Get in touch.

High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster

High performance computational cluster for Researchers to analyze genomic data (sequence and samples). A wide variety of applications are preinstalled such as R, samtools, picrad tools, java and many more

Users: Basic researchers

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: Research Computing Infrastructure request form

IS Service Hub

Submit a web ticket to the IS Service Desk

Access and support: Open a ticket

For urgent issues, please do not submit a web ticket. Call the IS Service Hub at 617-632-3399 for these issues and indicate the priority. 
Non-urgent issues can be submitted via a web ticket. Find detailed instructions here.


Issue tracking system

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: DFCI Jira home

Lab equipment purchases

Non-computer purchases

Users: Basic researchers, Clinical researchers

Institutions: DFCI

For lab equipment other than computer purchases, you need to place your order through PeopleSoft
To have a new supplier added to PeopleSoft, fill out a New Supplier Request form.

Please review DFCI's Purchasing Policies and Procedures for information on purchases greater than $3,500. 
Policy requires three written, sealed bids or quotes for purchases of $10,000 or more. For items between $2,500 and $10,000, two quotes are required. In some situations, departments may request a waiver of the process by completing a waiver obtained from the Purchasing department.

Lab Websites

Develop and maintain lab websites

Users: Basic researchers, Research staff

Institutions: DFCI

DFCI's Communications Department offers a Lab Website Program (LWP) at no cost, utilizing DFCI branded templates designed for non-technical professionals to learn and use.
Contact to get started: Luise Dittrich - Project Manager, LWP.

Map Network Drive

Instuctions how to map network drives

Users: Basic researchers

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: Map Netowork Drive detailed instructions

Microsoft Office

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: DFCI Office 365

As a Dana-Farber employee you may install Office on a PC/Mac, phone, or tablet. You will have 5 user licenses per class of device; 5 PC/Mac, 5 phones, and 5 tablets for a total of 15 possible installs on personal devices. NOTE: These licenses will be revoked upon end of employment at DFCI, and the software will revert to only allow reading of documents and worksheets. It will not allow Saving.

Partners PCs:
You can identify a Partners PC by labels annotated as “Partners Healthcare System”, “Device #” and barcode. Additionally, Partners PCs will have a grey and red window for a screensaver and login. If a machine you’d like office installed on is a Partners PC, the installation is  managed by our colleagues in Information Services.
All other computing devices - PC/MAC:
Use a web browser to go to and enter your DFCI email address. On the next page, enter your Partners User Name and password. Click the button on the right - “Install Now”.
Phones and Tablets:
Office is available on iOS, Android, and WinOS phones and tablets. Follow the link in the Microsoft portal page “Get Office on your devices” and follow those instructions.

If you are unable to log into the portal webpage, please contact the help desk @ 617-632-3399 or submit an IS Service Desk ticket with the description “DFCI Research – Provision Office 365 account for non-standard devices.”

Monitors and accessories

Ordering monitors and accessories for Dynamic Work

Access and support: PeopleSoft

Equipment can be purchased through Peoplesoft by navigating to eMarketplace, then Supplier Websites. Two suppliers are "The Ergonomic Group" as well as "PC Connections Sales Corp"
If you do not have access to Peoplesoft for ordering, you can reach out to the DFCI contacts listed here

Network Access Control (NAC)

A component of the overall effort to strengthen the security of our environment

Users: Basic researchers, Clinical researchers, Research administrators, Research staff

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: DFCI Online NAC page

NAC checks devices connecting to the Mass General Brigham network for compliance with specific security policies. The agent currently used at Mass General Brigham is ForeScout SecureConnector, which is already installed on most Mass General Brigham standard Windows workstations, some PEAS-enrolled Macs and mobile devices. Linux computers are exempt at this time.
Please see the DFCI Online NAC page for more information

NIH STRIDES Initiative GCP Account

Users: Basic researchers, Clinical researchers, Research staff

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: Research Computing Infrastructure request form

Researcher Application formGettingStartedwithSTRIDES.docx
The application form must be filled out and sent to Jim Coyne at Onix in addition to submitting a request on the Research Computing Infrastructure request form

As of Monday April 20, 2020 DFCI will be participating in the NIH STRIDES Initiative.  Joining the initiative will give researchers with NIH funded grants, access to discounts for services offered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 

The NIH STRIDES initiative promotes the use of cloud technologies in research.   Currently the NIH has negotiated with Google and Amazon to provide discounts to those researchers that would like to use these technologies.  The NIH  promises that in the near future, data sharing by funded institutions as well the NIH itself will be available. 
From the NIH Website “STRIDES Initiative”
“…NIH to explore the use of cloud environments to streamline NIH data use by partnering with commercial providers. NIH’s STRIDES Initiative provides cost-effective access to industry-leading partners to help advance biomedical research. These partnerships enable access to rich datasets and advanced computational infrastructure, tools, and services.”

Additional reference documents: GoogleCloudforStrides , STRIDESGCPProfessionalServices

Non-Partners PC & Mac support

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: Research Computing Infrastructure request form

Frontline Support provides advanced technical support to DFCI faculty and staff, distinct and in addition to the Partners Service Desk (Help Desk). Included in our support domain are non-standard equipment and configurations that are part of the diversity of tools and configurations critical to successful research work. Our goal is to have a well-staffed support team with the right blend of technical expertise and knowledge to support the wide array of activities carried out by DFCI faculty and staff.

We are available to consult and assist in addressing research issues, which can be complex and diverse, and may not easily fit into the generic help-desk model.

Outlook support

Tips and links to resources for Outlook

Users: Basic researchers

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: DFCI Outlook 2016

Access Outlook off site
Activate and setup Outlook 2016 for Mac

Mac users: Please do not use the "New Outlook" option -- it causes problems.

Access Shared Mailboxes
Open Public Folders

Remote access

Institutions: DFCI

Research Computing provides the following remote access services, as well as information about frequently requested remote access topics (two-factor authentication, VPN, GoToMyPC):

Terminal servers for Mac users needing PC resources
For DFCI researchers whose primary workstation or laptop is a Mac, Research Computing provides a set of terminal servers to access PC resources and Partners applications. The software works as an emulator of a Partners PC workstation. To access the terminal services, please follow these instructions.

Two-factor authentication
DFCI has adopted the same security process for accessing a number of DFCI information systems as Partners Information Services. Accessing these systems from outside the DFCI/Partners network, or from DFCI’s onsite guest network, requires an additional step beyond submitting your username and password. Get DFCI-specific information on the two-factor authentication policy and process, as well as a DFCI-only process for international access.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows someone to work remotely from DFCI while having access to all systems and software as though they were at their onsite work space. VPN is available for Macs and PCs, and is the recommended way to access DFCI resources remotely. Learn more at Partners Research Computing website: Request VPN access, VPN access links, Mac VPN instructions

GoToMyPC (managed by DFCI Client Services)
GoToMyPC creates a secure connection between an offsite computer and a computer on the DFCI campus, interfacing with the onsite computer via an offsite computer screen, keyboard, and mouse. Depending on the speed of the network connection, a user may experience slight delays when typing or clicking. Learn how to request a GoToMyPC account.


Tool that checks devices connecting to the Partners network for compliance

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: ForeScout SecureConnector

Network Access Control (NAC) checks devices connecting to the Partners network for compliance with specific security policies. The agent currently used  is ForeScout SecureConnector. Partners PCs have this software installed automatically. Research computers that are not standard Partners builds must install it manually.
How to verify a computer has SecureConnector installed


Remote support tool

Users: Basic researchers

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: TeamViewer download

Teamviewer allows Frontline Support engineers to remotely connect to both Mac and Windows devices. If you have a Mac enrolled in PEAS, you can open the Self Service app in the Application folder, and install the Partners Teamviewer QuickSupport. After you run it, it will display the ID and password that you will need to supply to the support engineer allowing them to connect to your device.

User profile lookup

Tool to view profile information

Access and support: Partners user info

This web page displays your profile information. For example, which Partners drives are available for you to access.
Log in with your Partners username and password.

Virtual machines

Provision access to virtual machines for user solutions

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: Eddie Mei


Diagramming and vector graphics app often used to map workflows

Institutions: DFCI

Access and support: Microsoft Office/Office 365 Requests

Visio licenses are obtained by submitting an IS Service Desk request.