Computational Solutions

Mission statement

Advance cancer research and care through engineering expertise

We aspire to become a differentiating asset for the Institute, able to create cutting-edge solutions, through side-by-side engagement with our stakeholders and joint ownership of the outcome, in a true multidisciplinary effort.


Solutions architecture & products: Improve DFCI tool-building efficiency, long-term scalability, and value through a coordinated architectural approach to informatics solutions supporting research and analytics. Think ahead; chart the path to the future.

Software engineering: Design, build, and operate essential informatics applications and platforms. Lead platform thinking: Develop systems, such as to balance short-term needs with long-term benefits.

Research computing services: Enable DFCI research by providing high-performance computer resources, research data storage including long-term archive, balancing cost, performance, and flexibility. Providing multi-cloud operational support in provisioning, infrastructure, and best practices. Deliver quality frontline research support. Stay on top of current trends and leverage new technologies.

Key contact information

Mihai Margarint: Vice President, Computational Solutions