IS Service Hub Instructions

If patient care-critical, please do not submit a web ticket. Please call the IS Service Hub at 617-632-3399 for these issues.

  1. Please go to DFCI Homepage and click on IS Service Hub icon under Popular Links or click here to access the IS Service Hub page directly.
  2. Click on LOGIN at the top right corner of IS Service Hub page.
  3. Click on Open A Ticket on LOGIN page.
  4. Before stating the request/issue, please enter the application in the Application In Use box above the description box. 
  5. Please describe the specific assistance that is needed for the application and include the urgency of the issue.
  6. To add an attachment to your ticket, follow these steps:
    • When you submit your ticket, you will receive an initial email that your CALL has been opened and it needs to be reviewed.
    • Once someone from IS reviews the CALL, they will transfer it to an INC or RITM(TASK), which will send you a second email.
    • To add your attachment to the ticket, reply to this second email with your document attached, and any note you may want to add.

*Please note: if you are an InForm user without a Partner's user ID, please email your issue to and enter the study number in the subject line.