Clinical Operations & Business Analytics (COBA)

Mission statement

We seek to enable analytics across the Institute through the provision of consistent, reliable information through robust data sources and user-friendly reporting applications.


COBA is a branch of DFCI Informatics dedicated to promoting utilization of available data by removing barriers to data acquisition, analytics, and reporting (EPIC and otherwise), and by working closely with leaders from across the Institute. We are founded around centralized common analytic capacity, seeking to create a shared data warehouse for research, clinical, and operational enterprises with a core set of metrics and definitions, and around the stewardship model, empowering each area’s analytic advocates to drive the analytic agenda and development at the Institute.

•    Analytics assessment & consultation  
•    Reporting & dashboarding
•    Data requests
•    Data acquisition & exploration (in partnership with Enterprise Data Warehouse team)
•    Ad hoc requests
•    Training and support
•    Office hours

Key contact information

Team support email:
For requesting a report: Report Request Form
For requesting a patient mailing report: Patient Mailing Request Form
For requesting access to Tableau®: Access Request Form