ChemDraw is a molecule editor and chemistry communication suite for the transformation of chemical drawings into shareable chemical knowledge.

Network Access Control (NAC)

NAC checks devices connecting to the Mass General Brigham network for compliance with specific security policies. The agent currently used at Mass General Brigham is ForeScout SecureConnector, which is already installed on most Mass General Brigham standard Windows workstations, some PEAS-enrolled Macs and mobile devices. Linux computers are exempt at this time.

Lab Websites

DFCI's Communications Department offers a Lab Website Program (LWP) at no cost, utilizing DFCI branded templates designed for non-technical professionals to learn and use.
Contact to get started: Luise Dittrich - Project Manager, LWP.


KACE is the inventory application used by Frontline Support to ensure PCs have Windows security patches, updates, antivirus, etc. For now we want to count all non-Partners Windows PCs, excluding those personally owned. KACE will help us ensure we have the correct device information. We cannot see your screen or control your PC.


Teamviewer allows Frontline Support engineers to remotely connect to both Mac and Windows devices. If you have a Mac enrolled in PEAS, you can open the Self Service app in the Application folder, and install the Partners Teamviewer QuickSupport. After you run it, it will display the ID and password that you will need to supply to the support engineer allowing them to connect to your device.


Crowdstrike software is required on Macs in order to connect to the Partners network. It compliments other antivirus software and is an industry standard for stopping viruses. You can install it yourself by opening the Self Service app in your Mac's application folder and clicking the Crowdstrike Install button. Further instructions here.
Note: PEAS enrollment required.