NIH STRIDES Initiative GCP Account

Researcher Application formGettingStartedwithSTRIDES.docx
The application form must be filled out and sent to Jim Coyne at Onix in addition to submitting a request on the Research Computing Infrastructure request form

As of Monday April 20, 2020 DFCI will be participating in the NIH STRIDES Initiative.  Joining the initiative will give researchers with NIH funded grants, access to discounts for services offered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP). 

The NIH STRIDES initiative promotes the use of cloud technologies in research.   Currently the NIH has negotiated with Google and Amazon to provide discounts to those researchers that would like to use these technologies.  The NIH  promises that in the near future, data sharing by funded institutions as well the NIH itself will be available. 
From the NIH Website “STRIDES Initiative”
“…NIH to explore the use of cloud environments to streamline NIH data use by partnering with commercial providers. NIH’s STRIDES Initiative provides cost-effective access to industry-leading partners to help advance biomedical research. These partnerships enable access to rich datasets and advanced computational infrastructure, tools, and services.”

Additional reference documents: GoogleCloudforStrides , STRIDESGCPProfessionalServices